GoldenPass Panoramic: A feast for the eyes!

The world's first train with a completely panoramic view

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GoldenPass Panoramic. More than just a journey – immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery.


The ultra-modern trains that operate on the GoldenPass Panoramic line have some unique features. In addition to being extremely comfortable, they are also fitted with panoramic windows that were specially designed at our workshops in Chernex. Thanks to these windows, you can immerse yourself in the nature outside. Once you have climbed aboard, the train seems to almost disappear, allowing you to be one with the landscape. What's more, for just CHF 15 extra, you can book a VIP seat at the front of the train for an even more memorable experience.


The sensation far surpasses even the most hi-tech cinematic technologies. There’s a good reason why so many Bollywood film directors are attracted to our region's magnificent natural scenery.

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