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Goldenpass Express, a long story

The idea of linking Lake Geneva, Gstaad and the lakes of Thun and Brienz dates back to 1873. At the time, it was already a question of uniting three major tourist regions. The railway tracks are finally built differently: metric (1 m) between Montreux and Zweisimmen and normal gauge (1,435 m) between Zweisimmen and Interlaken. The project has been resumed several times. In 1924, the Goldenpass association was created. In the 1930s, plans were also made to build a third railway track.

MOB relaunches the project

In 2008, MOB created a totally different concept: rather than changing the tracks, the bogies, the removable carriages that support the carriages, were modified instead. With a variable gauge bogie and a spreading ramp, the train will be able to move from one track to another. The principle is as simple in theory as it is difficult to achieve in practice.

MOB searched for an industrial partner to realize this concept and the Alstom company was chosen. As of January 2019, four prototypes have been delivered and successfully tested. In Zweisimmen, two spreading ramps are planned. This switching from the metric gauge to the normal gauge is a world first.

Only passenger carriages are equipped with those famous bogies. This implies that a MOB locomotive will tow the train between Montreux and Zweisimmen and another, from the BLS, between Zweisimmen and Interlaken.


The bogie spreads, the carriage rises

Thanks to the spreading ramp in Zweisimmen, the bogie spreads, allowing the train to change from the metric track (1 m) to the normal track (1 m 435) and vice versa. The carriage also rises, adapting to the different platform heights (55 cm on the normal track, 35 cm on the metric track).

Designed by Pininfarina, built by Stadler

The Goldenpass Express will offer a 2nd class, a 1st class, and a Prestige class.
The eighteen Prestige class seats swivel so that the view can be enjoyed to the fullest. The passengers will feel as if inside the landscape. The passengers will feel as if inside the landscape.
A catering service will provide an offer focused on local products.


Discover the train with 3D images made by Stadler. The Interior design is made by Innova Design.

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