Reservation procedure for the Cheese Train

Journey Montreux – Château-d’Oex (MOB Panoramic) :


1. Insert the journey departure from « Montreux » to « Château-d’Oex », date of the trip and the hour of departure 10:44.

2. Choose your seats according to the passenger car view.

3. Select the discount for each passenger:

  • Children, 2nd cl. Pass, groups : child from 6 to 16 years old, general abonnement travelcard, daily card or Swiss Travel Pass 2e class
  • 1st cl. Pass : general abonnement travelcard, daily card or Swiss Travel Pass 1st class
  • Adults : without discount 
  • ½ fare travelcard
  • Children’s Pass : junior travelcard, grandchild travelcard or Swiss Family Card


4. Click on « Reserve » to put your tickets in the shopping cart.

5. Connect yourself to your customer account or insert your contact details. You can also create a new customer account.

6. Click on « Buy now » and insert your payment details.

7. You will receive a pdf document which is your ticket; please do not forget to print it. Enjoy your journey!