Reservation procedure

Prepare your journey and book your seats on the reservation system

Follow the procedure below or reach directly the booking website :

1. Insert the departure and arrival of your journey as well as the date of the trip.

2. Choose one of the passenger car with available seats.

3. Choose your seats according to the passenger car view.
(VIP seats cannot be booked)

4. Select the discount for each passenger :
•    Children, 2nd cl. Pass, groups : child from 6 to 16 years old, general abonnement travelcard, daily card or Swiss Travel Pass 2e class
•    1st cl. Pass : general abonnement travelcard, daily card or Swiss Travel Pass 1st class
•    Adults : without discount
•    ½ fare travelcard
•    Children’s Pass : junior travelcard or Swiss Family Card

5. Click on « Reserve » to put your tickets in the shopping cart.
6. Connect yourself to your customer account and insert your contact details. You can also create a new customer account.
7. Click on « Buy now » and insert your payment details.
8. You will receive a pdf document which is your reservation; please do not forget to print it out. Enjoy your journey!
9. You have to be aware that with the seats reservation you still need to have a valid ticket. You can purchase it by clicking on the following link.