About GoldenPass

"Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of travelling."

Margaret Lee Runbeck

Go on a journey with GoldenPass...

Some companies offer transport. At GoldenPass, we want to take you on a journey. It is this raison d'être that sets us apart. Our challenge can be summed up in four points:

  1. provide a reliable, comfortable transport infrastructure for local residents and visitors to our region;
  2. promote and preserve the natural beauty and attractions around our lines by offering sustainable, environmentally friendly modes of transport;
  3. offer tourists and local residents a wide variety of leisure activities all year round;
  4. promote Switzerland's traditional reputation for excellence in tourism around the world.

GoldenPass: Thinking ahead, getting it right

GoldenPass does its utmost to offer tourists and regular passengers a high-quality experience and services. Our commitment covers four key areas:

Comfort & responsiveness: We strive to ensure that our services and products always provide the best possible experience. We constantly carry out quality control checks and listen to our passengers to ensure that we improve every day.

Punctuality & reliability: Punctuality is one of our key concerns. We do our utmost to ensure that our trains run on time. In the event of a long delay, our customer service team will make it their priority to assist you and may even offer compensation* in certain circumstances.

*Please refer to the conditions listed on the page covering compensation for delays of over 30 minutes.

Modernity & safety: All GoldenPass vehicles are in perfect working order. They are serviced on a regular basis and comply with strict safety standards.

Service & training: At GoldenPass, we place great emphasis on training our staff. Whether they work in customer service or technical maintenance, all of our staff do their best to deliver an efficient service and provide our customers with a warm welcome. GoldenPass also wants to pass its expertise on to future generations and currently employs around fifteen apprentices and trainees. It offers comprehensive training in six different professions, from sales to technical services.

GoldenPass, a brand that combines innovation with tradition

GoldenPass is based in Montreux and is not a legal entity but operates and manages the following companies:

Compagnie du Chemin de Fer Montreux Oberland Bernois (MOB)

MOB operates the following lines:

  • Montreux – Zweisimmen
  • Zweisimmen – Lenk

Transports Montreux-Vevey Riviera (MVR)

MVR operates the following lines:

  • Montreux – Glion – Les Rochers-de-Naye (train)
  • Vevey – Blonay – Les Pléiades (train)
  • Vevey – Chardonne – Mt-Pèlerin (funicular railway)
  • Territet – Glion (funicular railway)
  • Les Avants – Sonloup (funicular railway)

Garage Parc Montreux Gare SA (GPMG)

GPMG operates the underground car park at Montreux railway station.

GoldenPass SA

The purpose of this company is to finance projects involving rail and other modes of transport and to develop activities relating to railways, travel and tourism, particularly with regard to marketing. At present, it does not have any other business lines, but is working on projects such as TransGoldenPass.

Voyages et Services Automobiles MOB SA (VSA) is operated and managed by Lathion Voyages et Transports SA, based in Sion.

VSA operates:

  • postal bus lines;
  • coach tours;
  • travel agencies.